Pamela Poe


Pamela Z. Poe, Ph.D., Director of Music

The other Pam on staff has worked as a church musician since 1970, in a wide variety of churches. After several years of visiting Princeton and Chambers to play occasional services, it was a pleasure to begin playing weekly for both churches and directing the choir in February of 2015-- which felt just like returning home!  Pam has a Bachelors and Masters in music, and several other degrees in communication and public health.  She teaches communication at several colleges and universities including Drexel University and Fairleigh Dickinson University and does research in health communication.  Pam also loves to teach writing workshops, swim at the local Ridley YMCA, crochet when there's time, and garden like a New Yorker (in pots on the back deck).  Husband Randy Poe is a choir member and frequent guest pianist, and sings with the Philadelphia Chorus. Both adult daughters are married, and one grandchild arrived last year.


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